Hearing loss is a silent problem that often goes untreated for years. Recent studies have shown that adults with untreated hearing loss have significantly higher rates of developing psychosocial disorders such as depression, anxiety, and dementia and incur higher medical bills than those without hearing loss. Today’s hearing solutions include removable and implantable hearing aids such as advanced digital hearing aids and cochlear implants for those with severe hearing loss, respectively. A wide range of assistive listening devices (ALDs) is also available for various situations and listening environments. Patient expectations of hearing solutions vary depending on age, hearing loss magnitude, and first-time use. Hearing aid manufacturers respond to patient demands and competitive pressures with ever-improving designs. However, challenges remain, especially in striking a balance between increased functionality and long battery life. onsemi has been the leader in ultra-low power consumption solutions for hearing aid manufacturers for decades. Our ongoing R&D efforts align with your design challenges to deliver the widest selection of products in the industry, from preconfigured to fully customized solutions. You can now design hearing aids with the best performance, functionality, and secure wireless connections combined with the lowest power consumption in the industry and ultra-miniature size.

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