Highly customizable, low-power beacons and tags based on RSL10


Manufacturers requiring custom solutions can use the RSL10 SoC orRSL10 SIPas the basis for their design or take advantage of one of our RSL10 sensor development kits for added environmental sensing capability. The kits provide various development software resources, including an Eclipse-based IDE plus support for Keil uVision® and IAR Embedded Work Bench®, CMSIS-Packs with ready-to-flash applications, and mobile apps (IoS®, Android™).

For turnkey solutions, onsemi has partners who have developed a complete portfolio of highly customizable, low-power beacons and tags based on RSL10. The solutions offer enriched and innovative features, including environmental sensors, security enhancements, and localization. This flexible design ecosystem also provides recommendations for system integration and industrial gateway partners. Our combined years of experience and expertise in asset management enable incredibly fast time-to-market, ranging from a few weeks to months.

What Is Asset Management?

Bluetooth 5 Beacons

  • Based on RSL10
  • Support iBeacon, Eddystone, AltBeacon, Proprietary
  • Feature configuration options, operations parameters, NFC tag for storing asset information or localization
  • Offer multi-sensor capabilities and security enhancements
  • Supported by IoT cloud platforms
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Asset Tracking & Monitoring Explained

Asset Monitoring

  • Asset is typically static
  • Asset’s condition or the condition of the Asset’s Environment monitored through sensors (temperature, humidity, shock, vibration, etc.)

Asset Tracking

Asset in Motion
  • Range of motion – indoors (within a manufacturing plant) versus outdoors (cities, across countries)
  • Location precision (sub-meter for precise location of a pallet or a tool on a manufacturing floor versus Coarse Accuracy/meter-level accuracy)

Technical Documents

RSL10 Quuppa Tag Demo

This demo application showcases the use of Quuppa Tag Emulation stack with custom state machine. Each state is features different advertising profile and is individually configurable over the Back Channel.

User Manual
RSL10 Quuppa AoA RTLS Tag CMSIS Pack rev0.4.2