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Power Management

Innovative power management products that enable energy efficient solutions across all applications by providing improved power factor, enhanced active-mode efficiency, and reduced standby-mode power consumptions.

By Technology

PoE Powered Devices
Power over Ethernet Powered Device (PoE-PD) interface and power conversion ICs, adhering to the IEEE 802.3af, IEEE 802.3at, and IEEE 802.3bt standards.
Gate Drivers
GaN, IGBT, FET, MOSFET, H-Bridge MOSFET, and SiC MOSFET inverting and non-inverting drivers ideal for switching applications.
AC-DC Power Conversion
Offline AC-DC controllers and regulators, and power factor and secondary side controllers that enable high active mode efficiency, low standby mode consumption and power factor correction.
DC-DC Power Conversion
A product portfolio for DC-DC charge pumps, controllers, converters, and regulators.
DDR Termination Regulators
Termination regulators for advanced DDR subsystems.
GFCI Controllers
A variety of GFCI compliant devices that detect hazardous current paths to ground and ground to neutral faults.
Protected Power Switches
Designed to offer Over-Current Protection (OCP), Over-Voltage Protection (OVP), and True Reverse Current Block (TRCB) to prevent system damage.
Voltage References & Supervisors
Devices that control, monitor, and supervise voltage and current levels, providing protection and precise references.
LED Drivers
Product offerings for AC-DC, DC-DC, and linear LED Drivers.
Offering products for current protection, voltage protection and EMI filters.
Battery Management
Battery charge controllers, fuel gauges and management devices for monitoring battery life.
Integrated Driver & MOSFET
Devices that combine driver IC with power MOSFETs and are optimized for DC-DC buck power conversion applications.
Linear Regulators (LDO)
A portfolio that provides optimum solution for low power, space conscious and low noise designs.
Ideal Diode Controllers
Offering NMOS controllers capable of driving back-to-back connected NMOS transistors for applications requiring on/off of the supply voltage along the main protection functions.