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A broad product portfolio of interface technologies that offer lower power consumption, reduced size and ensure the highest performance signal transfer.

By Technology

Ethernet Controllers
IEEE-compliant ethernet controllers designed for robust communication in a wide range of environments and applications.
Wired Transceivers & Modems
Modems and transceivers for a variety of data transmission protocols, including FlexRayTM, KNX, M-BUS, LIN, CAN, MAU, HART and Power Line Carrier (PLC).
Analog Switches
Analog switches (DPDT, SPDT, SPST and other configurations) that function as analog multiplexers and demultiplexers, for audio, data, and signals.
Smart Card & SIM Card Interfaces
Devices for Smart Card and SIM card interfaces for SIM card supply circuits.
USB Type-C
A product portfolio of USB Type-C devices that include a variety of low power USB Type-C controllers, including those with Power Delivery (PD) protocol.
Digital Isolators
Products that use a high frequency modulated signal to transmit high speed digital data across a capacitive isolation barrier.
TRIAC Driver Optocouplers
A family of Optoelectronic Random Phase TRIAC Drivers and Zero Crossing TRIAC Drivers.
IGBT/MOSFET Gate Drivers Optocouplers
Devices utilizing Optoplanar® coplanar packaging technology and optimized IC design to achieve high insulation voltage and high noise immunity, characterized by high common mode rejection.
High Performance Optocouplers
High-speed logic gate optocouplers that support isolated communications between systems without conducting ground loops or hazardous voltages.
Phototransistor Optocouplers
High temperature phototransistor optocouplers that achieve high noise immunity and provide reliable isolation at high operating temperatures.
A product family that includes discrete light emitting diodes and discrete silicon photodetectors assemblies for optical interrupter switches and reflective sensors.