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Discrete & Power Modules

A product portfolio that offers full spectrum of high, medium and low voltage power discrete devices along with advanced power module solutions, including IGBT, MOSFET, SiC, Si/SiC Hybrid, Diode, SiC Diode, and Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs).

By Technology

An extensive product portfolio offering for low, medium, high voltage and dual MOSFETs across various applications.
Power Modules
Advanced power module products, including IGBT, MOSFET, SiC, Si/SiC Hybrid, Diode, SiC Diode, and Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs).
Silicon Carbide (SiC)
Together with our end-to-end SiC manufacturing capabilities, onsemi EliteSiC products offer the superior performance and exacting quality standards of products.
Protected MOSFETs
A variety of protected low-side and high-side smart discrete devices that provide best-in-class in-rush current management.
Standard and fast recovery rectifiers that offer ideal performance characteristics of low power loss and high efficiency.
Schottky Diodes & Schottky Rectifiers
Low-loss and high current Schottky rectifiers and diodes ideally suited for use as rectifiers, inverters, and diodes.
Audio Transistors
Offering audio transistors for high power audio circuit applications.
Darlington Transistors
Darlington transistors and transistor pairs for general-purpose amplifier and low-speed switching applications.
ESD Protection Diodes
Protection diodes and arrays that are specifically designed to provide ESD and surge protection.
General Purpose and Low VCE(sat) Transistors
A broad portfolio of bipolar NPN, PNP, and complementary transistors, including low VCE(sat) transistors.
Digital Transistors (BRTs)
Bias Resistor Transistors (BRTs) with integrated biasing designed to replace a single device and its external resistor bias network.
N-Channel, P-Channel, and NPN polarity JFETs for low noise amplifier and impedance conversion, analog switching, and chopper applications.
Small Signal Switching Diodes
Portfolio of high speed, small signal switching diodes meant for general usage across different applications.
Zener Diodes
Designed for voltage regulation circuits and offer a broad range of operational voltages and power ratings.
RF Transistors
RF transistors designed for high frequency and general purpose amplifier applications.
RF Diodes
Portfolio of RF diodes, including PIN diodes, Schottky barrier diodes, and varactors, for high-frequency applications.
Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMIC)
Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC) RF amplifiers and mixers that provide flat and high gain characteristics.
Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs) that offer maximum reliability in high performance power conversion applications.