Brushless DC motors (or BLDC for short) are increasingly being utilized for various applications due to their high efficiency and reliability, increased reliability, High torque, reduced EMI, and elimination of ionizing sparks. Today, numerous applications like Industrial machinery and automation, Home appliances, Medical Equipment and Robotics use BLDC motors.

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Evaluation/Development Kits

Motor Development Kit Family

Strata Enabled Efficient and reliable electric motor drives are complex systems to develop, but with the Motor Development Kit (MDK) ON Semiconductor makes it easy. The comprehensive prototyping platform consist of the Universal Controller Board (UCB) which connects to an expanding variety of Power Boards to create quick-start platforms to run your motor, allowing you to rapidly test, evaluate and optimize your system before designing any hardware.

1kW 600V Industrial Motor Control Power Board with Compact Intelligent Power Module (IPM)

The SECO-1KW-MCTRL-GEVB is an AC grid compatible complete reference design for three-phase motor drives, featuring the 600V NFAQ1060L36T intelligent power module (IPM) in a DIPS6 package and an interleaved PFC controlled by NCP1632.

4kW 650V Industrial Motor Control Power Board with Compact Intelligent Power Module (IPM)

The SECO-4KW-65SPM31-GEVB is a reference design for three-phase motor drives featuring the NFAM5065L4B 650 V Intelligent Power Module in a DIP39 package. It is rated for 400 VDC input, delivering up to 1 kW continuous power, with the capability of delivering up to 4 kW power for a short period of time or by adding a heatsink.


Evaluation Boards and Development Kits for Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs)

WebDesigner+ Power Supply

Create your power supply designs with the online WebDesigner+ Power Supply design tool.

Product Recommendation Tools +

Explore power product portfolio and select the best one for your server power solutions.

Strata Developer Studio

The Strata Developer Studio is a cloud-connected development software to provide a seamless, personalized and secure environment for engineers to evaluate, test, and design with OnSemi Technologies.

Technical Documents

Application Notes for Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs)

Intelligent Power Modules contain power switches and gate drivers in one module. In addition to the popular three-phase inverter modules, ON Semiconductor offers 2-in-1 PFC modules, which combine the PFC driver stage with a three-phase inverter.

Application Notes for Gate Drivers

The portfolio of Gate Drivers from ON Semiconductor includes GaN, IGBT, FET, MOSFET, H-Bridge MOSFET, and SiC MOSFET inverting and non-inverting drivers ideal for switching applications. ON Semiconductor Gate Drivers provide features and benefits that include High system efficiency high reliability, High Current Output at IGBT Miller Plateau Voltages, Short Propagation Delays with Accurate Matching, High Transient & Electromagnetic Immunity, DESAT with Soft Turn Off, Active Miller Clamp and Negative Gate Voltage, Shorted Field Protection Duty Cycle, and Self Clearing, among others.

Intelligent Power Module (IPM) Overview and Product Selection Guide

This application note provides an overview of the different IPM package families, to facilitate the module selection for a specific application and power range.

Using NCP51561 to Efficiently Drive SiC MOSFETs