IoT technology has transformed asset management by providing the ability to digitize objects and provide real-time, actionable data and insights into the asset’s state of being (monitoring) and location (tracking). The need for businesses to manage what is most important to them has always been great but is even more prevalent with the COVID-19 crisis escalating the need for automated processes and cost reductions. It has also given rise to new asset management applications, including people flow and monitoring social distancing.

Evaluation/Development Kits

RSL10 Sensor Development Kits

RSL10 Smart Shot Camera

RSL10 Quuppa AoA RTLS CMSIS Pack

Technical Documents

How to Create an Low−Power Bluetooth LE Asset Tag

The RSL10 Asset Tag is new system platform designed for a variety of industry 4.0 asset tracking and monitoring applications including warehouse, retail management, hospital equipment management and logistic chain monitoring.

Using IoT Asset Tracking Technologies for Personal Safety Applications and Social Distancing

This whitepaper explores how the combination of a Bluetooth Low Energy technology enabled radio, localization technologies (RTLS or RSSI-based), and smart algorithms enable a long-lasting, reliable and cost-effective solution for people management applications including worker safety and social distancing.

Intelligent Locations Case Study

Intelligent Locations offers healthcare organizations an Internet of Things (IoT) solution providing advanced monitoring of assets, people, and processes with data insights. Intelligent Locations needed to design their beacons to be smaller and less expensive, and with an extended battery life. Learn how the RSL10 SIP from onsemi helped them achieve their design needs, with double the battery life of a leading competitor’s Bluetooth Low Energy radio.

Blyott Case Study

In overcrowded hospitals, it is a challenge to keep track of medical and non-medical assets, staff, and patients. Indoor localization is required to determine the exact position of every piece of equipment down to a room. Tatwah, an onsemi® technology partner, equipped Blyott with anonsemi Bluetooth Low Energy solution that allowed them to develop an ultra-low-power localization beacon that met their stringent sterilization requirements.